Thursday, May 22, 2008

"He Wants Us to Move the Island"

I hated Season 3 of Lost on ABC. Every episode consisted of someone being brutally beaten, blood everywhere. I don't know how Ben and Sawyer haven't been concussed into total vegetative states at this point.

But this season is thrilling, with it's flash-forwards and flash-backwards, and some of it's strongest epidsodes ever. I was blown away by Episode 7, "Ji-Yeon", when Sun has her baby and Jin is rushing around trying to buy a panda. At the end we realize a flashback has been entwined around a flash-forward, I loved it!

And what about "The Economist", Episode 3, with Sayid in a flash-forward hunting a man for Ben in Berlin. The twists and turns were perfect. Great writing!

This is the first season I've started visiting the various forums about Lost. Check out this site -

I hope the writers don't go for the easy out with time travel. I prefer the notion that the island is actually a sentient being, but not in a gooey Gaia sense.

Look at a tree. It doesn't have sentience in the fashion that humans can understand...if we all had ESP, what would a tree tell you. But they aren't just inert organisms either. The NYT did a story about young birch trees in Alaska that produce a resin disgusting to snow hares, giving the young birch trees a chance to grow. That's pretty nifty, trees fighting back.

Maybe the island is sentient and fighting back, able to shift dimensions, a wormhole-quantuam-pyhsics kind of thing. Much better than overdone time travel.

I'm so going to hate it when this season is over.

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